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The economic effects of occupational accidents

The animation shows the economic impact of accidents at work. In addition to the costs covered by workers’ compensation insurance, accidents at the workplace cause many other kinds of harm, such as disturbance, additional work, delays and reputational damage.

A safe working day for a driver, part 2

A safe working day for a driver includes ensuring the condition of the vehicle and the planned driving route. In traffic, the driver must be alert and prepared for possible exceptional situations. In the second part of the series, we also learn about moving around the factory area and the safety of loading and unloading.

Occupational safety in underground cabling

Underground cabling is challenging and, if done incorrectly, hazardous. The videos cover occupational safety and equipment, as well as safety at a joint site and in electrical work in the different phases of underground cabling.

Overhead crane safety – hazard zones

In this animation we will be looking at a occupational accident based on TOT 1/19 report "Worker got crushed between a concrete element and scaffolding when operating the bridge crane".

Everyone needs to recover

Recovery during a working day or shift has a major impact on the overall workload. It promotes well-being, performance at work and learning new things. The Everyone needs to recover -video provides examples of ways to recover.