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Occupational Health and Safety in the Film and TV Production Industry – Brief Guidelines to Support Production

The contents of these guidelines summarize the key points of the Occupational Safety and Health Guide for the Film and TV Production Industry and can be used to support the orientation of employees. The topics related to occupational health and safety in these guidelines have been divided into general topics, topics related to the role of a supervisor and topics that concern employees in particular. Supervisors serve as representatives of their employer in accordance with the duties assigned to them. It is important that every employee knows who they can turn to in matters concerning occupational safety.

Ethical Strain at Work

The Ethical Strain at Work seeks to help workplaces in identifying and addressing work-related ethical strain. This publication is intended for managers, supervisors, occupational health and safety personnel, employees, and educational institutions.

Deliverers’ Occupational Safety

The guide is suitable for everyone interested in the deliverers work, deliverers, line organisations and occupational safety and health personnel as well as occupational health care organisations.

A Guide for Better Work

This guide explains, with examples and exercises, some good ways to improve the active job satisfaction and intrinsic motivation of employees.

Lean Safety Workbook

This guide encourages companies and employees in a range of jobs to think about the ways they could develop their actions to make work smooth and safe.

Working Safely Abroad

The publication has three parts. The first and second parts are aimed at safety practitioners, managers and directors responsible for staff who travel overseas on business. The third part contains a series of checklists for travelling employees.