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The goal is to take effective action that promotes the work and working conditions as well as the health, work ability and functional capacity of the employees. Occupational health cooperation is part of preventive activities at the workplace with the aim of identifying and addressing any shortcomings at an early stage.

Cooperation between the workplace and occupational health care is initiated when the employer organises occupational health care services for its employees. Effective cooperation requires regular dialogue on how to achieve and assess common goals. Government Decree on the principles of good occupational health practice (in Finnish)(opens in a new window, you will be directed to another service) requires occupational health cooperation.

Supporting work ability is the employer’s statutory obligation and part of statutory occupational health care services. It requires close cooperation, agreed practices and a clear division of work between the employer and occupational health care.

The employer and occupational health care jointly prepare a written description of practices for work ability management, monitoring and early support. The employer is required to monitor the work ability of employees and, if their work ability is compromised, take action according to the agreed model together with occupational health care. Procedures and practices for promoting work ability are proactive measures that are based on the needs of the workplace and are continued throughout an employee’s career.