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Employers’ duty of care

In practice, the employer fulfils their responsibilities and obligations by delegating their authority in the line organisation to supervisors. The supervisors’ responsibility for occupational safety and health is determined according to the powers associated with their job description.

Hazard identification and risk assessment

Identifying and assessing the hazards and risks associated with work provides an overall picture of the state of occupational safety and health and the related development needs at the workplace. The obligation to analyse hazards is based on the Occupational Safety and Health Act and applies to all employers, regardless of the line of business and number of employees.

Occupational safety and health action programme

The occupational safety and health action programme sets out the goals for occupational safety and health activities at the workplace and for activities that maintain employees’ work ability.

Orientation and work guidance

Orientation and work guidance are proactive safety activities. Shortcomings in work guidance are common causes of occupational accidents. Well-implemented orientation also prevents harmful workloads and helps employees adapt to the work community.

Work planning and design of the working environment

When designing the working environment, the employer must ensure that aspects relating to the safety and health of employees are taken into account. The physical and mental capacities of employees must be taken into account in designing and planning work.