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Osion alasivut

FAQ About Election of OHS Representatives

At the occupational health and safety elections, the employees elect an occupational safety representative and two deputy representatives to represent them. Additional members of the occupational safety committee are also elected in larger workplaces if needed. If the election of occupational safety ombudsmen has also been agreed upon in the workplace, they will also be elected at the same time.

Branch specific guidelines

Summary of occupational safety elections

  1. The employer and staff representatives agree on the election procedures and arrangements.
  2. The election can use ballot box, mail-in or electronic voting.
  3. An election committee is formed from staff representatives who take care of the practical arrangements of the election.
  4. The employer gives the election committee a list of employed persons and a space for holding the election.
  5. The election begins with the nomination of candidates.
  6. The available election types are election with voting, election meeting and the so-called “agreed upon election” (“sopuvaali”).
  7. The election committee makes the results public.
  8. The employer notifies the Centre for Occupational Safety about the new occupational safety contact persons.

Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) in the Office Work, Basic Course

This course supports safety representatives, managers, supervisors and other OHS actors by giving them basic information related to OHS legislation, cooperation and recommendations.