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Occupational health and safety cooperation parties

Cooperation parties include the occupational safety manager appointed by the employer and the occupational safety representative and occupational safety committee elected by the employees. Labour market organization contracts also include provisions regarding occupational safety ombudsmen. In small workplaces, the cooperation takes place in the immediate interaction between the employer and the employees.


For the purpose of occupational health and safety cooperation, a so-called cooperation workplace must be defined. The concept of a cooperation workplace affects representative cooperation and the election of the occupational safety representative.

A cooperation workplace is a entity made up of one or more departments or operational units of the same employer. When defining a cooperation workplace, the nature and extent of the operations, the number of employees in the operational unit and the risks and hazards of the work must be taken into account. Several cooperation workplaces may be defined for one company. A cooperation workplace can also consist of several different employers’ departments.