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Osion alasivut

Physical workload

Physical workload factors include working positions and motions, movement and the use of physical strength. Excessive physical strain is linked to musculoskeletal symptoms. The strain caused by work should be appropriate for the employee, taking into account their health and functional capacity.

Psychosocial workload

The psychosocial workload factors of work refer to the characteristics or features of work tasks, work dimensioning and planning, work arrangements, management, work community and interaction, working environment and organisation that affect people. These are factors that cause strain regardless of the person performing the work. Workload factors are present at all workplaces, regardless of size and sector.

Cognitive strain

Cognitive functioning is a mutual effort between the different areas of information processing that enable people to cope in their day-to-day lives and their demands.
Cognitive functions are psychological functions related to the reception, processing, storage and use of information.

Ethical and emotional strain

Ethical strain refers to experiences of stress and strain caused by ethical challenges. Ethical strain is caused by conflicts between personal values and the operating environment.