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All jobs have their own hazards and workload factors. According to the law, these must be systematically and adequately identified and controlled to protect employees. This guide has been prepared to increase awareness of accident and workload factors related to the work done by deliverers, and of how to prevent them in order to avoid accidents and occupational diseases.

The guide can be used as support material in, for example, familiarisation into the work for supervisors and employees, workplace reports on occupational health care, and development and risk assessment of occupational safety and health. The subject areas of the guide can also be reviewed, as themes, during meetings of occupational safety and health
committees, in training events, joint meetings as various bulletins.

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Published by:
The Centre for Occupational Safety, Communication Industry Brach Committée
Riitta Koskinen, Industrial Union; Eveliina Koivisto and Jyri Mäkinen, Alma Manu; Teija Kiiskilä and Marko Laakso, Lounais-Suomen Tietojakelu Oy; Jarna Savolainen and Päivi Sarmala, The Centre for Occupational Safety
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Communication Industry
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