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“We are, once again, about to start identifying risk and stress factors of work. How could I motivate everyone working in my area of responsibility to participate in the evaluation and to bring up the essential issues?”

Topic: a general method that can be applied to many situations

Time required: less than half an hour, requires some preparation

Materials: flip chart paper, a marker, masking tape

Method description

Ask everyone to think about and write down the following individually

Reserve, approximately, five minutes for this.

Take out two flip chart papers, titled “Things that work poorly, hinder or prevent safe and seamless working” and “Things that work well and support safe and seamless working”.

In turns, ask everyone to share the things that came up during their reflections. Write the things on the flip chart papers in their original form and order. You can number the things in the order in which they come up. If necessary, ask the participant on which side of the scales (which paper) the thing goes. At the end of the round, ask the group if there are any other things that should be written on either side.

Discuss the flip chart paper scales: what is good and what needs changing? What do the scales look like? What does it tell you? What does the current state of things look like?