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“The work atmosphere survey results came. The development areas are clear, and it is really important to collect the team’s solution proposals. What would be a simple and functional way to realise the results?”

Topic: a general method that can be applied to many situations

Time required: less than half an hour, requires some preparation

Materials: a workplace survey report or a summary of the results of a work atmosphere survey, a pen and a notepad

Method description

Place the chairs (without tables) in two nested circles that are not completely closed. Ask everyone to choose a seat.

Present the results. During the presentation, ask everyone to write down key words: What was central or essential in the results?

Tell the participants that you will discuss the results in two stages. In the first stage, those sitting in the inner circle discuss what was central or essential in the results. Those sitting in the outer circle listen to the conversation without participating or commenting – taking notes is recommended.

After ten minutes, the places are switched: those sitting in the outer circle move to the inner circle to discuss the results, and those sitting in the inner circle move to the outer circle to listen.

If there is a large number of participants, you can divide the discussion into three stages. In this case, about a third of the chairs are placed in the inner circle and the rest in the outer circle.

Finally, collect the key observations and issues that came up.