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Digital publication

Becoming part of the work community

Interpersonal skills are important in the work community as they promote understanding, trust and co-operation. Open and honest communication creates a positive atmosphere that promotes employee well-being.

Let’s meet online!

In more and more work communities, a substantial share of the interactions and encounters take place virtually. This publication provides some tips on how the host of the event can support and strengthen a sense of connecting with people and an open, conversational atmosphere in online meetings.

Safe Remote Work

The development of information and communication technology has led to an increasing number of possibilities when choosing the time and place of work. Computers, mobile devices and the internet are commonplace tools in almost every industry. The development of technology is also constantly changing the environment in which employees operate. For many people, the work that they do is at least partly knowledge work and no longer as tied to a certain time and place as before.

Remote Management and Virtual Interaction in the Work Community

In this publication, we will discuss the significance and role of the supervisor and the activities of a dispersed work community in an environment where interaction takes place entirely or in part via electronic means of communication. The aim of this publication is to describe good overall and management practices that the supervisor can utilize to take care of their responsibilities and to support the work community.