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Multilingual video on working safely on Finnish farms

In Finland, everyone has the right to safe and healthy work. The ‘Welcome to work on Finnish farms!’ video explains the main rules of Finnish working life and the basics of safe and healthy work on agricultural and horticultural farms.

According to the Natural Resources Institute Finland, the agriculture and horticulture sector employed nearly 20,000 foreign workers in 2020, of whom about 3,400 were permanent and 16,000 short-term workers.

People moving to Finland for permanent or seasonal work usually know very little about Finnish working life. More information is needed especially on rights and obligations relating to occupational safety and working conditions.

– With this video, we want to provide additional information and make everyday life easier in agricultural and horticultural workplaces. It’s in everyone’s interest that both parties are well informed. It prevents many unnecessary disagreements and occupational accidents, says Riikka Vasama, contract specialist at the Industrial Union.

– Central working conditions and safety issues were well summarised in the video, rejoices Päivi Sarmala, an expert at the Centre for Occupational Safety.

– The laws and rules of working life are generally the same regardless of the industry, which is why I think this video is useful for everyone. As a nice bonus, you get a small glimpse of farms as working environments, Sarmala points out.

The video was produced by the Agriculture Branch Committee of the Centre for Occupational Safety. The vocational education centre TTS (Työtehoseura), the Natural Resources Institute Finland, the Mustiala campus of Häme University of Applied Sciences and the Robbe’s Little Garden horticultural farm also played a key role in the video production.

The video is in English with subtitles in Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian and Ukrainian.

Watch the video on the Centre for Occupational Safety’s YouTube channel.

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