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Supervisors and change communications

In change situations, the supervisor’s role in open, regular, clear and trusting communications and interaction is emphasised. The aim of this leaflet is to compile good practices and noteworthy perspectives that supervisors can benefit from.

Introduction to textile care

This guide is targeted at workplaces in the textile care industry. The guide is useful when an employee is being orientated and introduced to their job. The guide presents safe working methods in the form of text and pictures.

Work Orientation Checklist

This work orientation checklist contains an itemised list of matters to bring up during orientation to support the planning and realisation of the orientation. Both the inductor and the person receiving orientation use this checklist to monitor and ensure that the intended learning outcomes are reached. This checklist may be copied, shortened or expanded at workplaces.

Occupational Safety in Early-hours Delivery

The work of an early-hours delivery person is independent and carries great deal of responsibility. This guide provides basic information about occupational safety for early-hours delivery personnel.

Resilience at work and in everyday life

Resilience is a strength that enables us to overcome difficult phases. It means the ability to adapt to and learn from change, to find opportunities for growth in the face of challenges and to cope no matter what has happened.

Management and Monitoring of Work Ability and Early Support

The purpose of this guide is to help workplaces create and implement an early support model to help maintain employees’ ability to work. The goal is to notice when a person’s ability to work is diminished and implement support measures as early as possible.

Occupational Health and Safety in the Film and TV Production Industry – Brief Guidelines to Support Production

The contents of these guidelines summarize the key points of the Occupational Safety and Health Guide for the Film and TV Production Industry and can be used to support the orientation of employees. The topics related to occupational health and safety in these guidelines have been divided into general topics, topics related to the role of a supervisor and topics that concern employees in particular. Supervisors serve as representatives of their employer in accordance with the duties assigned to them. It is important that every employee knows who they can turn to in matters concerning occupational safety.